The Apocalypse: The Innocence

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The Apocalypse: The Innocence 


The late summer of the beginning of freshman year, I was still somewhere between admitting that I wasn't a fundamentalist anymore and becoming something entirely different than what I always thought I'd be. I looked innocent at this time. Things are rarely as they appear though.

For me, the past has folded and unfolded, showing me things I'd prefer not to see. It may be a kind of innocence to think that you know all there is to know; that you have simple answers for complex questions. The way we think of innocence is just a way to gloss over our own privilege and innocence. Which is really just yet another way to stay asleep to reality.

This episode is really more about the shattering of ignorance than the loss of innocence. So today, you and I are going to explore what it means to shed the veil of not knowing.  Ignorance and innocence look so similar, but they're not.

How do you distinguish ignorance from innocence?

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The Go-Between, L P Hartley

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