The Apocalypse: The Defeat

A Thinker's Guide To…

The Apocalypse: The Defeat

I've told myself many stories over the years. About the boys who would never love me, the jobs that would never fulfill me, and the people who never quite understood me. I even have stories I tell myself about you.  I have many questions about who you are and why you're here.

I'm someone who likes to imagine the possibilities. But today isn't about possibilities. Instead it's about the defeat of our illusions, and how hard it is to let go of what we've projected onto others. More importantly, how we long to be seen for who we really are.

In our eleventh episode of the season, we're exploring why we tell ourselves these stories and play out the same old patterns that we're bound to regret. It begins with unmasking our patterns and recognizing them for what they are. This requires you to be able to both truly be in your subjectiveness, while also stepping outside of it to get a more objective view.

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A Thinker’s Guide To… is a podcast for thoughtful, curious observers, who have been collecting systems of meaning for years in a never-ending quest to understand what goes on in your inner world. You feel compelled to not only see what’s in your heart, but to savor the depth and complexity of your life.

I get it. Like you, I’m an endlessly curious soul who delights in thinking about things in unusual ways and asking questions that get under your skin. This is a space for us to discover the profound in the profane.

Join me each week as we tell stories and dig deep to extract their meaning, leaving you with key questions to ponder. Think of each episode as an existential sermon specifically designed for the secular thinkers. Together, we’ll think deeply so we can act boldly in a world undergoing profound transformation.


Hi, I'm Jenn.

I’m a psychotherapist. But you can also call me a depth seeker, an intuitive healer, and the most curious soul you’ve ever met. I delight in helping professionals unveil what kind of life they actually would love living, rather than just living the life they thought they should live. I ask the terrifyingly wonderful questions so people can find new ways to tell old stories. Are you willing to dig in deep and discover what’s hiding underneath the mask you show to the world?

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